Trying to master trusts in the Medicaid, VA and SSI areas is like hacking through a jungle. As an elder and special needs law attorney you know one thing for sure - you must get out of the trust jungle. You and your clients need a clear path.

  • The jungle is hot because the topic is so dense.
  • Heavy vines of state and federal regulation quickly sap your strength.
  • The deadly malpractice mamba live on the dense jungle carpet.
  • Then, of course, there is the venomous tax fly.

TrustChimp™ BaseCamp to the rescue.

Pitch your tent in the TrustChimp™ BaseCamp and you'll be on your way out of the jungle.

TrustChimp™ creator Bob Mason has taught and mentored hundreds of attorneys in the trusts and public benefits area. After listening to many frustrated attorneys, he has heard a number of common complaints.

  • There is little available – a CLE here, and CLE there. It is hit-or-miss . . . maybe an advanced one hour CLE, followed by a Basics CLE several months later . . . and all mixed in with other topics.
  • With a 60 minute constraint you can only cover so much. Some of the audience is lost, some bored. By time the speaker has laid a decent groundwork, 60 minutes have flown by before much of substance has been covered.
  • It is extremely difficult for a small-practice elder law attorney to identify and to assemble the resources to master this difficult topic.
  • Plus . . . it's boring . . . but necessary.

The TrustChimp™ approach addresses those problems: an innovative online program devoted to nothing but trusts and public benefits, from soup to nuts.

The BaseCamp will always be a work in progress as Bob adds lessons, addresses asked-for topics, leads online seminars, and looks for ways to improve. After months of hard work, a TrustChimp "Live" Summit alum told Bob, "QUIT MESSING AROUND AND PUT WHAT YOU HAVE OUT THERE!"

That's just what we've done. For a limited time only, you have the opportunity to become an BaseCamp charter member before the gates shut for further BaseCamp construction. For hanging with us through the construction progress, you get a drastically reduced entrance fee. And once you're in . . . you're in forever and ever.

  • Comprehensive Coverage of Medicaid and SSI Trust rules

    A rare opportunity to hack through the dense Medicaid and SSI rules relating to trusts and your planning. We'll add VA rules after the new regulations are released.

  • Comprehensive Coverage of Trust Tax rules

    It's one thing to hear a bunch of theory and lecture . . . it is completely another to learn these complex rules in bite-sized chunks at your own pace . . . and in an entertaining manner (yes, entertaining).

  • Practical Planning

    Whenever possible, the program has been designed to provide practical planning tips and exercises.

  • Other Modules Coming

    Over the next few months more modules are coming.

  • Time to Learn

    Let's face it, a 60 minute CLE buried in the underbrush of a big program covering other topics can leave you flustered. We have hours of time devoted to trusts. You'll have 24/7/365 access and can review as much as you wish.

  • Great Outlines and Learning Aids

    Each lesson has a video, outline, downloadable slides for notes, and audio for listening on the go. Many lessons have additional downloadable learning aids.

  • COMING: Community

    A Facebook group (open to BaseCamp members only) will soon be available. We are also exploring a number of platforms for live conferences and Q&A.

  • Stay Home!

    Vegas might be fun. So are big jet airplanes. Getting out of the office for several days is a blast. But all of that is expensive. No need for that at the BaseCamp.


Bob MasonBob Mason is an elder and special needs law attorney pushing 30 years of experience. He is a member of NAELA’s Council of Advanced Practitioners, and a two time chair of the North Carolina Bar Association’s Elder Law Section. He is also a frustrated professor because he loves to teach and likes to help others along. For a number of years Bob developed an email list of colleagues who wanted to receive regular updates of some of his trust materials. TrustChimp™ is a direct result of that list.

You CAN Get Out of the Trust Jungle

Go have a look for yourself. Test drive a lesson or two. But then be sure to come back . . . the BaseCamp membership price will dramatically rise when two more Modules are complete . . . and we're working on those now.

  • Brandon Ayers - Law Elder Law, LLP - Aurora, Illinois
    TrustChimp breaks down otherwise complex topics into bite-size chunks that are easy to understand and, believe it or not, fun! Bob has helped me understand areas of elder law that I never imagined grasping! TrustChimp BaseCamp allows me to revisit the priceless tools I first encountered at the TrustChimp Summit anytime I feel I need to brush up. The presentations are a great value, and the online library of materials makes TrustChimp BaseCamp a no-brainer for me!
    Brandon Ayers - Law Elder Law, LLP - Aurora, Illinois
  • Nicki Applefield - Patla, Robinson & Moore, PA - Asheville, North Carolina
    Trustchimp helped me wade through the daunting complexities of public benefits law and trust taxation using a variety of effective teaching tools and an easy-to-use online format. The course not only strengthened my foundational knowledge of vital concepts, but it also provided me with a practical approach for tackling difficult elder and special needs law planning scenarios.
    Nicki Applefield - Patla, Robinson & Moore, PA - Asheville, North Carolina


Obviously you'll save a few bucks by signing up during this initial registration period! When additional content comes on line (and it is under construction now) the BaseCamp membership fee will rise dramatically. A number of advisors and marketing types are suggesting a membership price at twice what you are being offered here.

Registration includes unlimited access to all BaseCamp materials as they become available . . . forever. ONCE YOU'RE IN, YOU'RE IN.

So are we just being nice? No, we want a limited group to test drive what we're offering. We're open to suggestions as we then build-out the rest of the camp.


Remember: Once you're in, you're in. No additional membership fees or dues.

  • Matthew Allen - Elder Law Carolina - Asheville, North Carolina
    I learned more about Public Benefits and Trusts in the first module of TrustChimp's Basecamp than in several months of attempting to grapple with the complex rules and laws on my own. TrustChimp is a lifesaver.
    Matthew Allen - Elder Law Carolina - Asheville, North Carolina
  • Amanda Jarvis - Jarvis Law Firm, PLLC - Centerton, Arkansas
    I love Base Camp! The organization of topics going from broad overview to breaking it down into more specific, in depth issues makes it easy to understand and navigate. The information it contains is valuable to those just entering the realm of elder and special needs law as well as to those attorneys with more experience and it's broken down into easily digestible, non-boring chunks. In my opinion, Base Camp contains more useful information than any other elder law or supplemental needs summit I've attended and is much more economical.
    Amanda Jarvis - Jarvis Law Firm, PLLC - Centerton, Arkansas
  • Henry Levandowski - Levandowski & Darpino, LLC - Havertown, Pennsylvania
    My partner and I have been practicing elder law and therefore trust law for 20 years. We both found Bob's Trust Chimp Summit to be the best seminar we ever attended on everything you want to know about trusts. It was fun, too. Bob has recreated that experience with the BaseCamp and we are looking forward to being able to dial up Bob and the Chimp anytime we want.
    Henry Levandowski - Levandowski & Darpino, LLC - Havertown, Pennsylvania