Trying to master trusts in the Medicaid, VA and SSI areas is like hacking through a jungle. As an elder and special needs law attorney you know one thing for sure - you must get out of the trust jungle. You and your clients need a clear path.

  • The jungle is hot because the topic is so dense.
  • Heavy vines of state and federal regulation quickly sap your strength.
  • The deadly malpractice mamba live on the dense jungle carpet.
  • Then, of course, there is the venomous tax fly.

TrustChimp™ to the rescue.

Attend the TrustChimp™ Trust Summit in Greensboro and you'll be on your way out of the jungle.

TrustChimp™ creator Bob Mason has taught and mentored hundreds of attorneys in the trusts and public benefits area. After listening to many frustrated attorneys, he has heard a number of common complaints.

  • There is little available – a CLE here, and CLE there. It is hit-or-miss . . . maybe an advanced one hour CLE, followed by a Basics CLE several months later . . . and all mixed in with other topics.
  • With a 60 minute constraint you can only cover so much. Some of the audience is lost, some bored. By time the speaker has laid a decent groundwork, 60 minutes have flown by before much of substance has been covered.
  • There is little or no hands-on, practical training.

The TrustChimp™ approach addresses those problems: an innovative program devoted to nothing but trusts and public benefits, from soup to nuts.

  • Comprehensive Coverage of Medicaid, SSI and VA Trust rules

    A rare opportunity to hack through the dense Medicaid, VA and SSI rules relating to trusts and your planning.

  • Exercises and Drafting Drills

    It's one thing to hear a bunch of theory and lecture . . . it is completely another to immediately apply what you've heard . . . learn by doing with your peers.

  • Practical Planning

    Whenever possible, the program has been designed to provide practical planning tips and exercises.

  • Earn CLE Credit

    By attending, you will earn CLE credit . Approved for 13.5 hours of CLE in North Carolina.

  • Time to Learn

    Let's face it, a 60 minute CLE buried in the underbrush of a big program covering other topics can leave you flustered. We'll have 14 hours of CLE time devoted to trusts.

  • Q & A

    Plenty of time to stop . . . and ask. You're going to Greensboro to learn and retain. There'll be plenty of time for questions and discussion, even during lecture phases.

  • Some Fun

    Maybe not a ton of fun . . . but some fun. We have a few things up our sleeves and are looking at organizing some social life.


Bob MasonBob Mason is an elder and special needs law attorney pushing 30 years of experience. He is a member of NAELA’s Council of Advanced Practitioners, and a two time chair of the North Carolina Bar Association’s Elder Law Section. He is also a frustrated professor because he loves to teach and likes to help others along. For a number of years Bob developed an email list of colleagues who wanted to receive regular updates of some of his trust materials. TrustChimp™ is a direct result of that list.

You CAN Get Out of the Trust Jungle

Thursday, Feb 4
Welcome & Initial Remarks
Orientation to Trusts and Public Benefits I
Orientation to Trusts and Public Benefits II
Begin Orientation to Trust Taxation
Download Schedule
Friday, Feb 5
Orientation to Trust Taxation
Grantor Trust Concepts
Key Grantor Trust Provisions
Estate Inclusion Without Grantor Trust Status
Miscellaneous Grantor Trust Issues
Applied Scenarios
Q & A; group discussion
Download Schedule
Saturday, feb 6
Applied Scenarios
D4A Trusts
Sole Benefit Trusts
Download Schedule
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  • This is by far the most comprehensive and in depth course on the creation and use of trusts in Medicaid, VA and Special Needs Planning. If you practice in these areas, this is a must attend course!
    Frank Dudeck, Conway, Arkansas


Obviously you'll save a few bucks by signing up early!

Registration includes:

  • Downloadable materials (a link to download content will be sent prior to the summit)
  • Break refreshments
  • Continental breakfast on Friday and Saturday
  • Lunch on Friday
  • A few other goodies to be announced

If you insist... printed materials sold separately

No Coats. No Ties. Wear sensible shoes and loose clothing. Be ready to learn and work - we'll also work in a bit of fun. PROMISE.


Hotel & Venue
Discounted Rate: $135/night

Special rates are available at:
Greensboro Marriott Downtown
304 North Greene St,
Greensboro, NC 27401

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  • The most comprehensive and helpful seminar about trusts for tax and public benefit planning. Terrific insights and valuable materials.


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